Self-made N calibration kit

Recently I needed a N type calibration kit. We don’t have one at work, but since I already have gained some experience with building a SMA calibration kit, I decided to make my own N kit!

As for the SMA calibration kit, the N kit consists of a hexagonal piece of aluminium which is used as handle (and to keep the standards together).

I made a nice finishing of the surface by means of milling. Afterwards, holes were drilled to mount the N-type flange connectors:

The connectors I used are HUBER+SUHNER flange connectors, as shown below.

The “open” standard is fairly easy to make 😉

For the “short”, I cut a round disk off a small piece of brass sheet. A hole in the centre allows it to fit onto the centre conductor of the N connector:

The “load” standard still needs to be done…


This is the calibration kit with installed connectors:

It still needs labels on it and later I will anodise it (blue or red would look nice 🙂 )

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